Our Work

Women’s Pioneer’s vision is to make a positive difference to women’s lives. Our mission is to provide homes and services which offer a springboard to independent women to achieve their potential. We aim to influence others to do the same.

We are affiliated to the National Housing Federation.

Our five-year corporate plan is linked here and illustrated below. It analyses the recent studies into the gender pay gap and women’s underemployment in greater depth, illustrating the continuing need for women only housing and how Women’s Pioneer plan on meeting these challenges.

The current overall gender pay gap for full-time workers is 14.1%
Fawcett Society

Overall, women can expect to earn significantly less than men over their entire careers as a result of differences in caring responsibilities, clustering in low skilled and low paid work, the qualifications and skills women acquire, and outright discrimination. There is a continuing need for affordable women’s housing, as throughout their lives, including into retirement, women remain financially worse off than men.

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