Calling all our creative gardening tenants!

We are celebrating the hard work that talented gardeners put into making their homes greener and more colourful by running our first garden competition open to all. There will be six categories to judge, and there can only be one entry per property, so if you live in a house or scheme with a communal garden, be sure to discuss with your neighbours beforehand. You can enter other categories such as window box or balcony as well.

Download an application form here. You can then hand in the completed form to reception (227 Wood Lane, W12 0EX), or email them to [email protected] 

Resident Involvement

Our Tenant Scrutiny Panel & Resident Engagement Group have joined together to form the Resident Engagement & Scrutiny Panel. They will carry out reviews of our services in focused task & finish groups. Find out how to get involved, and all the Tenant Scrutiny Panel’s reports here.

Housing Opportunities

Most vacancies are offered to single women nominated by local authorities and referred by selected referral agencies. We will open our waiting lists on 1st April, for 2 weeks. Find out if you’re eligible to apply to join a waiting list, and for more information about our properties here.

If you’re already one of our tenants but want to move, here are the opportunities open to you.

If you are interested in buying, please see our detailed information.

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