Estate Maintenance


Ninety of our flats have been sold under the right to buy introduced for secure tenants by the 1985 Housing Act. Many of the flats have been sold again on the open market. Leaseholders benefit from the same level of service that we provide to tenants, except that they have responsibility for most of the repairs inside their flats. Charges to leaseholders are the same as for tenants, with contributions to planned (cyclical) maintenance, buildings insurance, repairs to shared areas added in, alongside an audit fee and ground rent.

Shared areas

Our Estate Services Officers work with our Housing Officers in patches.  Their role includes:

  • Monitoring the performance of the estate services contracts
  • Inspecting communal areas and taking action on hazards
  • Taking meter readings of the landlord’s utility supplies
  • Resolving queries and problems in relation to refuse and recycling collections

We provide cleaning services to shared areas of our flatted properties. The majority of our cleaners are employed through contractors. The cleaning service will usually be provided each week and tasks include:

  • vacuuming carpets
  • dusting and wiping paintwork
  • removing marks where possible
  • cleaning glass if it can be reached safely
  • removal of refuse (sheltered housing only)

Following suggestions from the tenants scrutiny panel, we will encourage tenants to join us in inspections to give their unique perspective. We encourage feedback via regular surveys.

We are committed to maintaining high standards at our properties and developments.

Most of our properties are converted houses and parking is limited to the street. Please contact the local Council to see if you can apply for a parking permit. On some of our estates, you can only park your car in a shared area if you have a parking permit. On estates that do not currently have a parking permit system, we can consider introducing one if residents request it. Other properties are purpose-built blocks of flats and we can provide a limited amount of parking. Please contact our Corporate Services department if you would like to enquire about parking. You will need to provide us with copies of your vehicle registration document and insurance certificate, showing that the vehicle is registered to your home address. Where permit parking controls are in place, cars that are parked without a valid permit on display may receive a parking charge notice from our parking contractor.

All residents are requested to dispose of rubbish correctly. At some of our larger developments, we provide designated areas for you to dispose of your rubbish and recycling. Large bins will generally be in place in these areas. If this system is used where you live, you will pay for it through a weekly service charge.


Cleaning specification

Our cleaning specification can be found here.

Pest control specification

Our pest control specification can be found here.

Grounds maintenance specification

Our grounds maintenance specification can be found here. 

Bulky and electrical items

If you have bulky items to dispose of such as TV sets, fridges or sofas, please contact your local council to arrange for them to be collected. There may be a charge for this. Alternatively you may want to offer them to a recycling service such as freecycle or find out if a charity shop would like the item.

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