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Moving from your Women’s Pioneer home

If you’re a Women’s Pioneer tenant who would like to move, you have a number of options.

Transfer to another Women’s Pioneer property

To join our transfer list download a form here. Please check with the housing management’s duty officer before submitting the form. They will give you a realistic view of how long your wait might be, as very few homes become available.

Exchange with another social housing tenant

Homeswapper offers a free service if you’re interested in swapping with a social housing tenant in another area.

Women’s Pioneer also runs its own small mutual exchange list.

Move to a shared ownership home

These housing association properties allow you to part buy and part rent a home
of your own at an affordable price.

You’ll make a monthly mortgage payment as well as some rent. Some schemes
allow you to buy more shares in your home over time, until you own it outright.
Women’s Pioneer doesn’t offer shared ownership, but other local housing
associations – such as Notting Hill Housing Group, Octavia Hill Housing and
Care may be able to help.

Buy your Women’s Pioneer home

When the government gave secure tenants the right to buy their homes in 1980, 90 of our tenants bought long leases on their flats. Many have since been sold on the open market.

While there are some differences between the service we provide to tenants and to leaseholders, we pride ourselves on providing safe and secure homes and quality services to all our residents.

The benefits of buying

  • As leaseholders contribute to the maintenance of the entire property they can sometimes face very large bills.
  • London property values mean leaseholders are likely to benefit from ownership in the long run – particularly if prices continue to rise. Bear in mind that your share in the upkeep of the building could prove expensive.

Note:The Voluntary Right to Buy scheme for assured tenants is still being developed. We will update you when we see the government’s scheme in detail.

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