Safety and Security

Statement of Commitment to Health and Safety

Women’s Pioneer Housing is committed to developing a positive health and safety culture, aiming to ensure the healthy, safety and welfare of everyone who may be affected by our operations or sites. Find our Statement of Commitment to Health and Safety here.

Safety and Security

One of the comments that tenants regularly make to us is that they feel safe and secure in their home. Providing safe and secure homes is a key objective for us, so we will take action on unauthorised use and we encourage tenants to report any safety issues.

Anti Social Behaviour

Most antisocial behaviour incidents reported to us are about noise from neighbouring flats. If you are being bothered by noise, please bear in mind that a certain amount of noise is inevitable when people live in close proximity. It won’t be possible for your neighbours to live normally whilst making no noise at all. Equally, we ask everyone to be aware of their neighbours and not to make a lot of noise at any time, especially after 11pm or early morning. You may not think that shutting a door quickly or running down the stairs would cause upset to your neighbours, but it can. Please speak to your neighbours if you are bothered by noise they are making to explain why it is a problem for you. If that doesn’t work, you can discuss the situation with your Housing Officer, who may suggest mediation.

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