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Rent and Charges

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Rent and Charges

The rent that we charge you is based on legal and regulatory requirements. Secure tenants, with tenancy agreements dating before 15 January 1989, pay a “fair rent” registered by the Rent Officer, who is independent of Women’s Pioneer Housing. Most of our tenancies are assured tenancies, issued after 15 January 1989. Regulatory requirements from Government have meant that these rents continued to increase each year until a target (now “formula”) rent was reached.

The Government’s Social Rent Reduction has changed the basis for setting rents. From July 2016, assured rents decrease by 1% a year for four years although for sheltered housing and supported housing this starts in July 2017 and lasts for 3 years. Fair rents may continue to increase or will decrease, depending on whether they are at or below the formula rent level.

In addition to rent, most tenants receive services to shared areas such as cleaning, lighting and gardening and in some cases heating and hot water. We need to recover what we have spent on providing these services and we do that through the service charge.  We aim to secure the best value for money when arranging these services and continually look at ways of cutting the costs to you. The service charge varies from year to year as it reflects the actual costs we have incurred, so it could go up or down.

We also hold a number of leasehold properties; ninety of our flats have been sold under the right to buy introduced for secure tenants by the 1985 Housing Act.  Many of the flats have been sold again on the open market.  Leaseholders benefit from the same level of service that we provide to tenants, except that they have responsibility for most of the repairs inside their flats.  Charges to leaseholders are the same as for tenants, with contributions to planned (cyclical) maintenance, buildings insurance, repairs to shared areas added in, alongside an audit fee and ground rent

Market Rent

We are letting a very small number of our flats on the private market at market rents. The rent includes a sum for services, such as our social tenants pay.  These flats are refurbished to the same makeover standard that we apply to almost all our vacant flats with some features being at a higher standard.  We let these flats through established local lettings agencies.

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