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Tenant Involvement

Tenant Involvement

It is important to us to listen and act on our tenant’s views. We welcome the involvement of our tenants, through individual feedback, through residents associations and Resident Scrutiny & Engagement Panel (more details below).  Involvement can result in improvements to the services we provide and it makes our staff more accountable.  When we know what tenants’ concerns are we can find ways of improving the information we provide, and we can make changes where that’s practical.

There are two active residents associations, one for tenants of a scheme in W12 and one for all Women’s Pioneer Housing tenants.  If you would like details for either of these, please contact us.

Resident Engagement Strategy

In January 2018 our Board approved our new resident engagement strategy. This involves our tenants in our work, learning from your views and adapting our policies, procedures and approach in response. Find the link to the full strategy here.

The Resident Scrutiny & Engagement Panel

The Tenant Scrutiny Panel and the Resident Engagement Group decided to merge to form the Resident Scrutiny & Engagement Panel (RSP). The Panel will be setting up task & finish groups. These groups will be setting up the task and finish groups, chair by a RSP member, to focus on specific areas of our service for a short period of time.

Residents from across WPH will be invited to join task & finish groups. Having more residents involved should make it easier to identify where changes are needed. WPH staff and residents will work together to make recommendations for change to the Board.

Previous scrutiny panel reports 

The Women’s Pioneer Housing Association Tenant Scrutiny Panel started work in 2015, and produced three reports. The terms of reference for the Scrutiny Panel are here.

Their first report was on our complaints process (click here to view), the second review on our service charges (click here to view) and their final report on communications, available to view here.

Marcia Davies, chair of the Tenant Scrutiny Panel, presents to the Board

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